Jumbo (2021)

  • Drama, Subtitled, Captioned
  • 1h 33m

Jeanne, a shy young woman, lives at home with her uninhibited bartender mother and works the graveyard shift as a cleaner at an amusement park. Whilst her invasive, but devoted mother wants her to meet a man, Jeanne prefers tinkering in her bedroom with wires, light bulbs, and spare parts, creating miniature versions of theme park rides. During her late-night shifts she begins spending intimate time with the alluring new Tilt-A-Whirl ride that she decides to call Jumbo. Finding herself seduced by “his” red lights, smooth chrome, and oily hydraulics, Jeanne concludes that this is the thrilling new relationship she wants to pursue. Writer-director Zoé Wittock brings gleeful energy, buoyant humour, and surrealistic style to an unusual type of love story—one between woman and machine—in her debut feature.


Zoé Wittock






France, Belgium, Luxembourg