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Memory Box

1h 41m Drama, Fiction 2021

On Christmas Eve in Montreal, a single mother, Maia, and her teenage daughter, Alex, receive an unexpected package in the mail. Inside there are countless notebooks, cassettes and photographs Maia sent to her best friend from 1980s Beirut. Whilst Maia refuses to open the box and confront her adolescent memories, Alex secretly combs through its contents. Attracted to a hidden past, Alex is caught between fantasy and reality as she discovers her mother’s secrets, ghosts and revelations from a tumultuous adolescence, first love and friendships during the Lebanese civil war. This cinematic coming-of-age drama, exploring generational memory, is profoundly moving, joyful and bursting with curiosity all at once.


Khalil Joreige


French, Arabic, English




Lebanon, Canada, France, Qatar


Modern Films

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