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The Father

1h 37m Drama, Captioned 2021

The Father is an unflinching portrait of a common human condition, dementia, told from 80 year-old Anthony’s (the Oscar®-winning Anthony Hopkins) perspective as he stoically ignores his deteriorating condition. Living alone in his Maida Vale apartment, defiant and mischievous, he rejects the assistance of his devoted daughter Anne (Olivia Coleman) - already grieving the loss of her Father whilst he sits in front of her.

As frustrations grow, memories fade and faces seem unfamiliar, Anthony’s grip on reality is unraveling and all is suddenly not as it seems as his surroundings start to shift around him. Adapted from his own stage play, Florian Zeller’s The Father is a tense and bewildering look at the consequences of dementia with a heart-breaking sting to its honesty.


Florian Zeller



Closed Captions [CC]



France, UK



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