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The Painted Bird

2h 50m Drama 2019

A young Jewish boy is sent away to live with his aunt in Eastern Europe by his parents, protecting him from the strangling hate and rising persecution against European Jewry. When his aunt suddenly dies, he is left to fend for himself, but his new surroundings are a cold and hostile landscape governed by fear, prejudice and distrust. Exposed to inhumane atrocity and subjected to violent encounters, the young boy treads a painful path to survival – but when the war ends, the fight for survival becomes a struggle with himself. Based on the 1965 novel of the same name by Jerzy Kosiński, The Painted Bird exposes the relentlessly brutal nature of war on an immersive and monumental scale.

Please note: This film contains strong violence, sexual violence and disturbing scenes. 


Václav Marhoul


Czech, German, Latin, Russian




Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine

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