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Two of Us

1h 39m Drama, Subtitled 2019

Nina and Madeline live across the hall from each other and have done for many, many years. For all intents and purposes, to their family, friends and outsiders they are just neighbours - friends at best. What has remained hidden is their deeply devoted love affair, carried out in secret and harboured together as they’ve grown old.

The sweet clandestine couple finally decide to move back to Italy, where they first met, in seek of peace, acceptance and a true attempt at living life together. But Madeline can’t bring herself to admit her lover to her grown-up children and when tragedy unexpectedly strikes, it is Nina who suffers from her silence. Sensitively depicting a tender, queer relationship in an older generation, but one still infused with a youthful passion, _ Two of Us_ is a thrilling, understanding look at how far one will go for love.

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French, German




France, Luxembourg, Belgium

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