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Filmhouse At Home is an online streaming platform, allowing you to enjoy the finest Filmhouse-curated cinema from the comfort of your own home. Filmhouse at Home is simply another way to engage with the kind of cinema on which our reputation is built, and, with a percentage of the online ‘ticket’ price going directly to us, it offers you another way to support us across everything we do. It used to be that once a film had left our cinema screens we were no longer able to benefit financially from it, but no more!

What you will find here, as we develop the site and increase the range of cinema available on it, is a collection of films not hugely different to that which you would find in our cinemas. There will be some films on the platform that we perhaps were not able, for one reason or another, to find space for in our physical screens, but we can assure you that the same rigorous, caring programming will have been applied!

Rod White, Head of Programming, Filmhouse Cinemas

How to use Filmhouse at Home

You can sign up to use our services for free. You will only pay for the films you choose to rent. Simply create an account and browse.

Please visit our Help & FAQs section for more information on Filmhouse at Home.

Filmhouse At Home is supported by the Weston Cultural Fund.

Thank you to our funders: Screen Scotland, City of Edinburgh Council and Aberdeen City Council.

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