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Captioned Films (Hard of Hearing)

Drive My Car (2021)
Drama, Subtitled 2h 59m
Volcano (2018)
Drama, Black Comedy 1h 46m
All or Nothing (2002)
Drama, Captioned 2h 8m
Vera Drake (2004)
Crime, Drama 2h 5m
The Courier (2021)
Thriller, Captioned 1h 52m
Gunda (2021)
Documentary, Captioned 1h 33m
The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018)
Comedy, Drama 1h 31m
The Story of Looking (2021)
Documentary, Captioned 1h 30m
Sisters with Transistors (2020)
Documentary, Captioned 1h 26m
The Father (2021)
Drama, Captioned 1h 37m
Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)
Adventure, Comedy 1h 41m
The First Movie (2009)
Documentary, Captioned 1h 16m
Here Be Dragons (2013)
Documentary, Captioned 1h 19m
The Fallen Idol (1948)
Drama, Mystery 1h 35m
Promising Young Woman (2020)
Comedy, Crime 1h 53m
Reservoir Dogs (1992)
Crime, Drama 1h 39m
6 Desires: DH Lawrence and Sardinia (2014)
Documentary, Captioned 1h 25m
Life May Be (2014)
Documentary, Captioned 1h 25m
Bill Douglas Trilogy
3 films
The Rider (2017)
Drama, Western 1h 44m
The Ladykillers (1955)
Comedy, Crime 1h 31m
What Is This Film Called Love? (2012)
Documentary, Captioned 1h 18m
The Story of Film: An Odyssey
15 films
1945 (2017)
Drama, Captioned 1h 31m
Angel Heart (1987)
Horror, Mystery 1h 53m
Luxor (2020)
Drama, Romance 1h 25m
Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins (2020)
Documentary, Captioned 1h 33m
Mogul Mowgli (2020)
Drama, Captioned 1h 30m
Falling (2020)
Drama, Captioned 1h 52m
Truman & Tennessee: An Intimate Conversation (2020)
Documentary, Captioned 1h 26m
Little Joe (2019)
Drama, Horror 1h 45m
Rams (2020)
Comedy, Captioned 1h 59m
Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan (2020)
Biography, Documentary 2h 4m
Persian Lessons (2020)
Drama, Captioned 2h 7m
Poly Styrene: I am a Cliché (2021)
Documentary, Captioned 2h 14m
Possessor (2020)
Science Fiction, Horror 1h 42m
Billie (2020)
Documentary, Musical 1h 38m
The Capote Tapes (2021)
Biography, Documentary 1h 31m
The Three Kings (2020)
Documentary, Captioned 1h 54m