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What is Filmhouse at Home?

Filmhouse at Home is a video on demand platform, with a selection of films curated by Filmhouse’s programming team to enjoy at home.  Find out more about Filmhouse at Home on our About page.

How do I choose a film?

We have created collections to make it easier for you to select a film you’d like to see. You can also search by using the search function in the top right of the homepage.


Where possible all the films on Filmhouse at Home will have audio description, subtitles or closed captions. Please visit our Access page for more information. 

My Account 

Do I need to create an account? 

A Filmhouse at Home account is required to watch any of our films online. You can browse our catalogue, view film information and watch trailers without an account.

What does having an account allow me to do? 

Your account allows you to rent films to watch online. You can also create your own watchlist of films currently available or coming soon. Creating an account will also allow you to receive regular tailored emails (provided you opt in), these emails will have exclusive discount codes available from time to time.

How much does an account cost?

Creating an account is totally free. You will only be asked for payment when you want to watch a film.

I already have an account at or Can I use that to watch films on Filmhouse at Home?

No. The Filmhouse at Home website is separate from our Filmhouse and Belmont Filmhouse websites. This means you will need a separate account to use Filmhouse at Home.

Can I use my Filmhouse at Home account to buy tickets for screenings at Filmhouse or Belmont Filmhouse?

No. Your Filmhouse at Home account will only allow you to pay for films on our online platform. Tickets for screenings held in person at our cinemas, once we reopen, should be purchased from or or in person at the box office.

What do you do with my account information?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy to see how we use your information.

How old do I need to be to have an account?

18 or older.

What if I forget my password?

Click Forgotten Your Password on the login page to reset your password.

What is My List?

This is your personal list of films you are interested in. When browsing you can select Add to My List and the film will be saved here. 

What is My Library?

Once you pay for a film it is automatically added to your library. It will remain here until the end of the specified rental period. 


Watching a Film

Please refer to System Requirements for more information on how Filmhouse at Home will work on your chosen device.

How do I watch a film?

Once you have created an account:

How long will I have to watch films I have rented?

Each film has a 3 day Rental Window. This is how long the film will remain in your library. This will be displayed before you rent the film, and your remaining time can be viewed in your library. You must start watching the film before the Rental Window expires. (*Exceptions will be clearly labelled on individual film pages.) 

Can I control the film (e.g. pause, rewind etc.) once I’ve started?

Rented films each have a 48 hour Watch Window, this 48 hours will begin the first time you press play. The Watch Window will be displayed before you rent the film, and time remaining can be viewed in your library. During the Watch Window you can control your viewing as required. (*Exceptions to Watch Windows will be clearly labelled on individual film pages.)

Can I watch the film more than once?

You can rewatch the film repeatedly during the Watch Window. Rented films each have a Watch Window which specifies how long you have to watch the film. This will start the first time you press play. The Watch Window will be displayed before you rent the film, and time remaining can be viewed in your library.

Why are films only available for certain dates?

Films that we have selected for Filmhouse at Home are subject to screening agreements set by third-party distributors that dictate availability.

How can films sell out if they are shown on a digital platform?

Films hosted by Filmhouse at Home are subject to screening agreements set by third-party distributors which specify how many times each film can be rented.

Which devices can I use?

You can use Filmhouse at home on a number of different devices. See System Requirements for details.

Is there an app available?

You can watch our films using the ScreenPlus app, available for Android and iOS. Please note, the app can only be used for playback. Managing your account and renting content is only possible via the full site. See System Requirements for other options.

Can I watch on multiple devices at once?


Can I start watching on one device and continue on another?

Yes, as long as the device is compatible (see System Requirements) and the film is still within the Watch Window. 

Can I share my film with someone else?

Films you have rented can only be watched using your own account. We hope you enjoy the film whether you are watching alone or with friends. (Please adhere to current guidelines around public health restrictions.) 

Do the films have subtitles or captions?

Each film may have its own subtitle and caption options, which can be accessed in the playback control menu. Click the CC button to view the options available. Films not in the English Language will usually have subtitles automatically. Occasionally you may need to switch them on manually by clicking the CC button.

Users Outside the UK 

Can I watch films on Filmhouse at Home from anywhere in the world?

Due to licensing agreements most films will only be available to view in the UK. However, there will be some exceptions to this and you should check the individual film page. You will not be able to pay for any films if they are not available to watch in your location.

Pricing and Payment 

How much does it cost to watch a film?

Films are all priced individually, and are determined by third party distributors. To see prices you can click on a film, or hover the mouse over it. Please note all films are available to rent, you can’t buy a film.

How do I pay for a film?

Payment is by credit or debit card. When you choose a film to watch you will be prompted to enter your card details. (See our Privacy Policy for more information.)

Do I have to enter my credit/debit card details each time I pay for a film?

Yes. We do not store card details as part of your account so you will need to enter these for each payment. (See our Privacy Policy for more information.)

What happens when I pay for a film?

The film will be added to your library for you to watch when you are ready, or you can press play to watch immediately. You will also be e-mailed an electronic receipt for your payment. This e-mail will include a direct link to your film on Filmhouse at Home.

Do I get my usual Filmhouse/Belmont Filmhouse Membership discount?

No. There are no Member discounts available for Filmhouse at Home.

Can I use my loyalty points to pay?

No. Loyalty points are not valid on Filmhouse at Home.

Can I use a Filmhouse gift voucher on Filmhouse at Home?

No. Gift vouchers are not valid on Filmhouse at Home.

What discounts are available?

Occasionally we will have discounts available for Members, Filmhouse at Home account holders, community groups and partners.

Do you have concessions available?

No. There are currently no concessions available for Filmhouse at Home.

How do I use Promo Codes?

From time to time we may have promotions which reduce the price for certain films. Before you pay for a film you will be offered the chance to redeem any valid promo codes.  To redeem promo codes tick the box ‘promo code’ (above the payment section) and enter the code when prompted to do so.

How do I get a refund?

If you mistakenly pay for a film, please contact us before you start watching the film. 


Contact Us

If you have any issues or feedback please email us at Alternatively, please contact us by direct message on Twitter: @Filmhouse @BelmontFh

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