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To celebrate the release of Mark Cousins’ new film The Story of Looking, we are delighted to be launching the ultimate Mark Cousins collection. After hosting the Scottish premiere at Filmhouse last month, Filmhouse at Home brings together all of Mark Cousin’s film collection for the very first time!

This film collection is brimming with inspiration, passion and optimism. Growing up in a small place, the Irish-Scottish director and writer spread his wings as soon as he could, filming in Iraq, Sarajevo during the siege, Iran, across Asia, in America and in Europe. Fuelled by the global aspect of movie language, Cousins is inspired by the cities he has visited on his travels (including Edinburgh), but also explores everything from the poetry of cinema, to women in film, childhood and recovery with frequent exciting collaborations involved.

We can’t wait for you to explore, meditate on, and enjoy this extensive and fascinating collection of cinema. We are especially pleased and proud to be able to support a filmmaker who’s been such a strong supporter of Filmhouse over the years.

Mark Cousins said: “For 36 years, Filmhouse has been my local cinema, my education, my escape and consolation, so I LOVE the idea that it will host my movies on Filmhouse at Home.  I’ve been a passionate filmmaker for three decades.  Many of my films have been influenced by what I’ve seen in Filmhouse.  Now, for the first time, many of them are in one place.  I’m humbled, as are my many collaborators - editor, producers, sound designers, composers and graphics artists - in Edinburgh, Scotland and further afield.  Thank you from all of us.”


The Ultimate Mark Cousins Collection

WATCH FREE The Story of Looking in Conversation with Mark Cousins
25m Q&A 2021
The First Movie
1h 16m Documentary, Captioned 2009
The Story of Film: An Odyssey
15 films
What Is This Film Called Love?
1h 18m Documentary, Captioned 2012
Here Be Dragons
1h 19m Documentary, Captioned 2013
Life May Be
1h 25m Documentary, Captioned 2014
6 Desires: DH Lawrence and Sardinia
1h 25m Documentary, Captioned 2014
I Am Belfast
1h 24m Documentary 2015
Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise
1h 13m Documentary 2003
Stockholm My Love
1h 28m Drama, Musical 2017
Women Make Film
5 films
The Story of Looking
1h 30m Documentary, Captioned 2021

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